Classical guitar tunes by Duo Blanco Sinacori

Source: LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINEUpdated:2019-07-02

Duo Blanco Sinacori, an Italian classical guitar duo, will play classic Italian opera tunes Wednesday in Longgang District.

The duo, consisting of Alessandro Blanco and Giuseppe Sinacori, pays homage to Mauro Giuliani, whose works contributed a great deal to define a new role for the guitar in 19th century music, by taking his transcriptions as a starting point to breath new life into opera overtures by Rossini and Bellini in light of current guitar vocabulary. As a much welcome side effect, the duo’s transcriptions also bring 19th century music back into the present, reimagining this revered repertoire from the perspective of today’s music.

Composer Maurizio Pisati helped the duo reach its goal by composing four interludes specially for them. Echoing fragments from the overture to Bellini’s “Il Pirata” and making use of extended guitar techniques, Pisati’s intermezzos are fitting for the duo’s purpose and never seem too old to engage today’s listeners.

Time: 7:30 p.m., July 3

Tickets: 120 yuan

Venue: Live House, 1/F, Zone B, Longgang Cultural Center, 8308 Longxiang Boulevard, Longgang District (龙岗区龙翔大道8308号龙岗文化中心B区一楼Live House)

Metro: Line 3 to Longcheng Square Station (龙城广场站), Exit D