Windows to open at Civic Center to process foreigners' residency

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated:2019-05-29

Shenzhen's entry and exit administration announced yesterday it will open four windows next week at the Shenzhen Administrative Service Hall in the Civic Center in Futian CBD to process the stay and residence of foreigners.

Starting June 3, foreigners working in Shenzhen can apply for, extend, renew and replace work-related residence permits at counters 32 to 35 in the hall on the first floor of Wing B of the Civic Center on Fumin Road 3 in Futian District.

The exit and entry administration under the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau said it will join hands with the Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office and Shenzhen’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office to jointly offer one-stop exit-entry services for overseas applicants.

The move is to further facilitate overseas talent flows and optimize the city’s business environment.

The counters will also handle applications, extensions, renewals and replacements of residence permits for the dependants of foreigners working in the city, as well as humanitarian stay permits for foreign employees and their family members whose visas have expired, according to the administration.

Those who urgently need residence permits processed as soon as possible will need to go to the Luohu Exit-Entry Hall on Jiefang Road in Luohu District.

Shenzhen is one of the first cities in China that, since May 2017, has been issuing work permits that integrate two types of work permits, one for “foreign employees” and another for “foreign experts.” The integration of the two different work permits was designed to reduce repetitive approval procedures, avoid administrative loopholes, improve efficiency and attract high-end professionals to work and start businesses in China.

According to the Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, a credit-based talent evaluation system was introduced to classify foreign workers as either a top talent (Type A employees), professional talent (Type B) or unskilled worker (Type C).

Type A employees are those who work as senior managers at companies, scientists and leading figures in the science and technology industry. Type B workers are professionals who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree or higher and have two years of work experience, while Type C workers have seasonal or temporary jobs in the service industry.