Cashier embezzles 10m yuan for gambling

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated:2019-03-25

A female cashier at a company in Longgang District has been put under criminal detention for embezzling a total of 10 million yuan (US$1.49 million) for gambling.

The boss of the company surnamed Li, who is also the accountant, recently found that around 200,000 yuan in the company’s account had been transferred without her signature. The cashier, surnamed Chen, told her that she had been cheated by online dating. Li, out of kindness to help Chen, called the police for her, but the results of the investigation showed Chen had embezzled a total of 10 million yuan for online gambling.

During the initial investigation Sunday, officers at Pingdi Police Station suspected Chen was lying, as she looked nervous, was muttering and failed to provide any information about the man she claimed to have dated online. Chen later confessed to lying to her boss and said she embezzled 200,000 yuan for online gambling. In further questioning, Chen admitted she had actually embezzled a total of 10 million yuan.

Chen won her boss’ trust after graduating from college and was responsible for the company’s accounting. Out of curiosity, she registered on an online gambling website in January last year and earned hundreds of yuan. She later became addicted to it after she earned more than 100,000 yuan over a period of time and invested all of her money into it.

To earn money, she started to transfer the company’s reserve funds to the gambling site by forging her boss’ signature and using the company’s seals. In one round, Chen even gambled 1 million yuan. She ultimately lost 10 million yuan on gambling in a year.

Chen has been criminally detained for investigation.