Mafia-style criminal ring in Longgang busted

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated:2019-01-25

Shenzhen police recently busted a mafia-style criminal ring in Dakang Village in Henggang Subdistrict, Longgang District. The ring was suspected of organizing gambling, starting troubles, assault and extortion.

A total of 62 suspects, including the ringleaders, have been detained.

The criminal ring has been involved in more than 30 criminal cases, such as organizing gambling, illegal detention and extortion.

Police have frozen accounts totaling 23 million yuan (US$3.39 million) and properties worth 120 million yuan in connection with the crimes.

In the 1990s, the ringleader surnamed Liao started organizing gambling in Dakang Village, and amassed illicit profits. While organizing on-site gambling, online gambling and overseas gambling, they would force those who had lost to write down their debts and then force them to pay off their debts with threats and illegal detention.

If the gamblers were unable to pay up, the criminal ring would resort to violence, assault and illegal detention. They would also start conflicts to crush their rivals.

In June 2015, the ring leader Liao organized members to vandalize a hotel of a man who owed them 40 million yuan in gambling debts.

The crime ring is loosely organized and transitioned to online gambling and overseas gambling in recent years as the crackdown on gangland tightened.

In a press release yesterday, police also issued wanted notices and 20,000 yuan rewards for tips that lead to the capture of three fugitives: Zhang Qiyun, a native of Shenzhen, Xie Yongliang, a native of Hong Kong, and Sun Kuncheng, a native of Zijin, Guangdong Province, for organizing and participating in mafia-style organizations.

The public can call 0755-2222-2110 to report gang-related crimes and get rewards.