Brief Introduction to Longgang

Longgang District locates in northeast Shenzhen, neighboring Pingshan District in the east, Luohu District and Yantian District in the south, Longhua District in the east, and Huizhou City and Dongguan city in the north. With a total administration area of 388.21 kilometers square, Longgang District has 11 sub-districts and 111 communities. As a geometric center of the metropolitan circle covering Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou, Longgang District is key for Shenzhen to get connected with eastern and northern parts of Guangdong Province, and to play a leading role as a component of the Greater Bay Area.

Longgang District is an important part in Shenzhen for its industrial development. During recent years, the district’s GDP has ever been over 300 billion yuan and 400 billion yuan. In the year of 2022, Longgang District achieved a GDP of 475.9 billion yuan, with the added value of its major industrial enterprises reaching 216.272 billion yuan. Therefore, it has been the top place in the list of China’s top 100 industrial zones for consecutive five years.

Business Environment

Brief Introduction
To achieve the overall target of accelerating to build the market-oriented, law-oriented and internationalized business environment which is put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and to promote Shenzhen towards a pilot city with creative business environment, Longgang District always attaches great importance to optimize and innovate its business environment. In 2019, Longgang District formed its Leading Group for the Optimization and Innovation of the Business Environment. The secretary of Longgang District Committee of CPC served as the leader of the Group, and the district chief served as the Group’s executive deputy leader. The Leading Group was comprised of 49 functional departments in Longggang District, to help solve the major problems in optimizing and innovating the business environment and to supervise the implementation of the key projects. In 2021, Longgang District released The Measures to Continually Optimize the Business Environment for Market Entities in Longgang District of Shenzhen. The 29 measures, covering the 5 aspects as space supply, governmental system, enterprise service, element guarantee and legitimate climate, have been introduced to reform the mechanism that would harm market vitality, so as to speed up the building of China’s top internationalized business environment and provide an ideal climate for market entities’ development.
Space supply: Longgang District could customize and provide high-standard industrial space as needed and could complete the transfer of industrial space within 90 days, with Shenzhen’s top efficiency. And, Longgang District takes the lead to explore the second industry’s and the third industry’s integrated development while trying best to supply excellent industrial space. It has accommodated 12 excellent projects covering 6,190,000 square meters of industrial space, which tops Shenzhen.
Governmental system: Longgang District is the first one in Shenzhen to provide 83 foreign-language service windows and to provide whole-process guidance and services. It reforms the work flow, improving the efficiency by 30%. It innovate its mechanism for evaluating and approving projects. And, the procedures for urban renewable project could be completed within 20 months, and for profitable project within 5 months.
Enterprise service: Longgang District also provides specialized services for enterprise’s digital transformation, which has helped over 90 enterprises with the business income surpassing 100 million yuan to complete digital transformation and has promoted over 800 small and media enterprises towards further development. It also provides environment monitoring service, which has served key enterprises and projects for over 100 times. The district also stipulates The Measures to Support the Industrial Development in Longgang District, and popularizes the document across the whole district.
Element guarantee: Longgang District has formed its more flexible mechanism for the dispatch of the work force, which has served enterprises for over 1,400 times and provides over 6,200 job positions. In Longgang District, great efforts have also been made to improve the medical service. There have been 7 Class-A hospitals, with over 14,000 hospital beds. And, over 10 financial service platforms have been built, getting cooperated with 245 enterprises.
Legitimate climate: Longgang District also reforms the mechanism for the law enforcement. It takes detailed measures to enforce the law politely, to settle the disputes and to protect intellectual property. The district upgrades its public legal service, with two service centers and multiple services platforms (including 12 public legal service centers at the sub-districts and industrial parks and 6 intellectual property protection workstations) operated under 1 mechanism. It serves over 30,000 market entities and supports PCT patent application for over 4,000 times, which tops Shenzhen. The district not only protects market entity’s intellectual property strictly, but also keeps a keen eye on the misconduct. ( The data mentioned above are only as of the end of 2022.)
Industrial Development
Industrial Development
Brief Introduction
As a key zone for industrial development and industrial innovation, Longgang District, during recent years, keeps a steady rise in its economic quality and quantity, and achieves a steady and powerful economic growth. It has been the first place among China’s top 100 industrial zones for five consecutive years.
Longgang District gains the impetus from the Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen’s pilot area, and follows the examples of Shenzhen Comprehensive Reform Pilot and Qianhai’s strengthened opening up. The district sticks to pursue further development and growth through promoting industrial development, especially manufacturing development. Treating IT industry, BT industry and low-carbon industry as its prominent industries and trying best to promote the development of the three prominent industries, Longgang District is also making greater efforts to cultivate and develop architecture industry, cultural creation industry, cross-boarder e-commerce industry and military- and civilian- integration industry. It attaches great importance to the development of integrated circuit industry and industrial software industry, and has built a world-class electronic information industrial cluster; it puts great energy in bio-medicine industry’s more detailed systematic construction, and has formed a key bio-medicine industrial innovation base; and it struggles to construct new-energy industrial park, and has built a eastern leading park for green and low-carbon industry.
Excellent Enterprises
BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd
BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd
BYD, founded in February 1995, has established over 30 industrial parks during the past over 20 years. And, its business has covered six continents worldwide. As an enterprise listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges whose turnover and total market value both surpass 100 billion yuan, BYD engages in electronic business, automobile business, new energy business, orbit transportation business and many others, and plays a leading role. It provides a all-round and comprehensive solution for developing zero-emission new energy.
YHLO (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd
YHLO (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd
YHLO (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd is founded in 2008, with the registered capital of 568 million yuan. It is a listed enterprises on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. With the headquarters at Baolong Science and Technology Town in Longgang District of Shenzhen, it is specialized in researching, producing, selling IVD products and providing related services. As a national-class high-tech enterprise, it is also a national-class intellectual property right demonstration enterprise having its rich self-dependent intellectual property rights. It has ever won Shenzhen’s first prize for the scientific and technological growth, as well as Guangdong provincial and Shenzhen municipal patent awards. With the honors including being listed among the 18th batch of Shenzhen’s well-known brands, it is also among Shenzhen’s top 70 innovative enterprises.
Key Parks
Universiade Software Town

Universiade Software Town

Universiade Software Town locates in the crossing of Longgang Avenue and Baohe Road, neighboring the entrances to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Expressway and Shuijing-Guanjingtou Expressway. Its main entrance is next to Exit A and Exit B of Universiade Station in Subway Line 3. It shares advantages in its location. During recent years, Longgang District actively implements the strategy specifying “High-end Leadership and Innovative Impetus”, making great efforts in improving self-independence, promoting industry-university-research collaboration, introducing higher education institutions, developing featured colleges, as well as taking positive attitudes in building the innovative service system profitable for market entity’s independent innovation and promoting factor-driven industrial development towards the innovation-driven. Longgang District, in the leading position for the development of high-tech industry, has the industrial layout including one “core”, two “corridors”, three “district”, four “towns”, multiple “parks” and one “avenue”. High-end emerging science and technology parks mushroom here. High-tech industry becomes the mainstream, and high-end carriers can be available for industrial shift, while the gathering of various enterprises pushes Longgang District towards a new power in Pearl River Delta for high-tech industrial development. Longgang District is developing towards being a “Silicon Valley in China”.
Shenzhen Universiade Software Town belongs to an innovative industry’s demonstration park and industrial upgrade and transformation demonstration project, which is organized by People’s Government of Longgang District and built jointly by Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Longgang District Development and Reform Bureau, Longgang District Economic Promotion Bureau, Longgang District Science and Technology Bureau, Longgang District Human Resources Bureau and Longgang District Industrial Investment and Service Group in 2013. As a software park built under the cooperation between the municipal organs and the district’s organs, Universiade Software Town is operated by Longgang District Industrial Investment and Service Group.

Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park

Galaxy WORLD Industrial P...

Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park locates in CBD area in Futian District of Shenzhen, the commercial area of Shenzhen North Railway Station and Banxuegang Science and Technology Town, covering a land of 622,900 square meters. The floorage is about 1,600,000 square meters. It has attracted the investment surpassing 20 billion yuan in total. Having the five core industries as new-generation information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, cultural creation industry, life and health industry and technology and finance industry, the Industrial Park adopts the idea of making industrial integration and development alliance, building a headquarters base featured by industrial park’s and finance industry’s closed-looped development, becoming an example of industrial development and integration alliance and building a industry and urban mutually-development community with rich enterprise and talent resources.
Following urban operation mode, Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park could innovate to build an new industrial integration town having urban, finance, education and living functions, so as to offer better and more comfortable business, living and innovation experiences. The business district for the industrial development and integration alliance, covering an area of 750,000 square meters, has varies commercial facilities available for enterprises. It creates a super enterprise service center to provide all-round innovative resources and industrial services, and it creatively implements the operation mode in which rental, service and property right could be exchanged for equity right, to assist enterprises’ growth. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Hongtu Xinghe Entrepreneurship Fund, with a total amount of 500 million yuan RMB would invest proportionally part of the initial fund to the enterprises in Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park.
Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park includes COCO Park flagship business, over-66,000-square-meter hotels and apartments, 270,000-square-meter Yinhugu Hushan mansions, over-20,000-square-meter cultural and artistic facilities, 330,000-square-meter culture and sports parks, etc. It attracts teachers from Affiliated High School of South China Normal University and has the qualification for 322 government’s exclusively-designated public rental houses. It promotes the links and coordination among various industrial ecologies, lays the foundations for industrial clusters’ growth, and develops a demonstrative industrial park for industry- and urban- integration in Shenzhen.
There have been over 1,200 enterprises locating in Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park, including 26 of Fortune 500 enterprises, 42 listed enterprises, 122 national high-tech enterprises, 46 AI enterprises, 125 e-commerce enterprises. Famous brands, as China Life, Mitsubishi Electronic, Minmetals Securities, Ping An Puhui, have branches here. Large-scale industrial clusters have been formed. And, the Industrial Park also seeks cooperation in the Free Trade Area, Silicon Valley in US, England, South Korea, Israel, Bahrain and many other nations and regions. It develops all-round partnership with the famous institutions including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Qianhai Joint Development Holding Company, Jing Dong. Advantageous industrial resources gather here.
Operated excellently, Shenzhen·Galaxy WORLD has gained the honors and titles, such as 2019 National Excellent Incubator for Science and Technology Enterprise--Class A, Guangdong Provincial Featured Town, Shenzhen’s Top 10 Projects, China Excellent Industrial Operation Project (2021), one of China Top 10 Industrial Parks (2020), one of China Gold Industrial Park Project (2018) -- the 2nd among the top 20. It has ever been reported by “Across China” programme of CCTV-International and “Economic News” programme of CCTV-Finance.
And, the 4th and 5th phases are planned for clusters of Shenzhen· Galaxy Twin Towers headquarters bases, which would include 3 kinds of industrial spaces, as the headquarters clusters for Shenzhen·Galaxy Twin Tower, Ecology Building and IEO. Diversified spaces for industrial clusters have been included in the targeted plan, and an industrial corridor of high added value would be built. Here, the dominant industries would include high-tech industry (specialized and sophisticated industry), e-commerce industry, digital economy industry, ICT industry, finance industry, professional service industry.

Universiade AI Town

Universiade AI Town

Universide AI Town in Longgang District of Shenzhen plans one “axis”, two “belts” and three “centers” in its layout, to be a national-grade AI town with R&D, production and living functions. Oriented towards a platform for the transformation of industry-university-research achievements, a base for the cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen and a platform to lead AI industrial development, Universiade AI Town, with AI technology as the dominant power, with Internet, big data and cloud computing technologies as the base, and with new-generation communication technology as the supplementary power, focuses on whole AI industrial chain (including the fundamental layer, the technological layer and and application layer). It builds AI computing resource center, AIOS universal supporting platform and the like, to build the industry’s ecological system with the industry public service platform as the core, to speed up the industrialization of AI core technologies, to empower traditional enterprises to make them smart and to attract upstream and downstream enterprises for linked development.
It locates in the southern extension area to Universiade Shenzhen and Hong Kong International S&T Town in Longgang District of Shenzhen. Surrounded by mountains in its east, west and north, it covers a land of 341,400 square meters, with its floorage reaching 626,400 square meters. According to Longgang District’s development strategy of building one “center”, two “cores” and multiple “branches”, it comprises the “intelligent core in east GBA”. Longgang District Industrial Investment and Service Group Company Ltd is incharge of the comprehensive management, to improve and renovate the AI Town’s functions, optimize the space layout, build a industrial ecology including factory, R&D office space, hotel, apartment and the like, and to reshape the industrial parks’ structure and ecology. The total investment reaches about 979 million yuan. Universiade AI Town consists of two phases now. One phase, covering 360,000 square meters, is completed and open on 12 August 2021, and the other, covering 250,000 square meters, is planned to be open at the end of 2023. The AI Town would take AI technologies as the leading factor, to be a high-end ecological town characterized by AI research and production and available for industrial development, living and tourism.